Program offerings

Library and School Enrichment Programs:

Libraries are a perfect setting for a young children's program. In addition, some schools use me as an Enrichment specialist once or twice a year for a 50 minute interactive performance. For both these performances, I come dressed in a costume that is seasonally based. (See Characters page) We will sing and dance and engage in imaginative play. There is puppetry in each performance, surprising children with a Goat who loves to show off his stinky things, or a Monkey and Crocodile who act out the the 5 Little Monkey song (The monkey is often trying to trick me) or a Dinosaur that can't seem to scare anyone to name a few!

Dear Elaine

"What a delight for me to finally see your program. You are a very gifted presenter whose love for what you do is evident. You have tremendous respect for your young audience, know developmentally what is perfect for them, and certainly keep them moving and grooving! All this while kindly maintaining perfect audience control. You are fabulous! I picked up several ideas to use with my grandsons-the skating and snowball fight was truly inspired and sooo much fun!

We definitely need you back in the summer."

Nancy Denman

Children's Librarian Duxbury Public Library

Birthday Parties, Family gatherings:

For birthday parties, I will do a 50 minute interactive program that will engage and entertain the children. The fun is geared to making the birthday child feel that it is their special day. 

Preschools and Daycare Programs:

Some schools schedule with me on a monthly basis for 30 minute music programs. I don't dress in costume for these programs, but we all look forward to singing and playing together.

 The children will learn new songs with some guitar accompaniment. We will also, depending on the season, pretend to do different activities with songs and music at the core of the activity. We might dance with shakers, pretend to be popcorn with paper plates, skate in the Winter or have a snowball fight, use scarfs as leaves in the Fall or butterflies in the Spring. 

"Dear Elaine,

I just want  to let you know that our EEC licensor was very impressed with you! She commented on what a great music teacher we have and how well the children responded to you. She loved the fact that all of the kids ran over to say goodbye to you and how happy and comfortable they seemed with you. She made a note on her report that our music teacher is a great addition to our program:)

Thanks again for all you do to compliment our school and give BBN a good reputation!

Stacey Giancioppo

Big Birds Nest

Millis Massachusetts



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